Friday, January 25, 2008

He Likes Turtles

There's a pretty good conversation over at about the best old ballpark around. It's between Fenway and Wrigley and while I've never been to Wrigley (and desperately want to go just to dress up like a black cat and run onto the field sticking up my middle fingers. Yeah, the Red Sox fan in me wants the die-hard Cubbie fans to experience the same awesome elation I did in 2004 but just not before the Astros when it all. Which is when I can die happy. Oh and fuck the White Sox) which way do you think I'm leaning? Fenway rules, the atmosphere is like nothing I've ever experienced at a ballpark. It's like fucking Mardi Gras for baseball outside the gates and it is intimate. What a ballpark should be. But, boy do I miss the Dome.
Anyhoo, before I grub down and head off to upsell motherfuckers coming in to by the Juno soundtrack on Mott the Hoople, I figured I'd share this with you and it makes me almost piss myself everytime I watch it.
If you want some perspecitve on Wrigley, ask my brother in law. I think he's been there.

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